Idaio's Profile

Scene from olive harvest Idaio was the name of Crete island after the nymph “Idaia” according to Greek mythology. Idaia was the mother of the ten “Curates” (mythological vigilant guardian followers of Zeus) and wife of king of Crete Dias. In order to honor his wife, Dias named the Creta island "Idaio".

 The Idaio Products is a company owned by people with Cretan Island origin. Their ancestors have been dealing with olive oil and other agricultural products for several generations concluding in a great level of expertise. Idaio was originally founded in order to cultivate, produce, standardize and retail olive oil. All Idaio’s products are thoroughly tested for their quality and excellence by proficient experts in accordance with the dominant EU standards. The Idaio’s personnel experience and expertise, the use of up to date technology and state of the art techniques results in the excel and superior quality of Idaio Products. 


Special thanks to the painter Constantinos Rammos for the disposal of his paintings!