Olive oil Importance

Olive Oil and OlivesOlive oil is a major nutritional product, a source of health and life, a rich natural product that not only nourishes us in a right way, but also helps in preventing many diseases.

Fat is necessary not only for saving energy but also for its involvement in various metabolic processes as buffering agent in order to protect various organs, such as carriers of substances not synthesized by the body, essential for its proper functioning such as fat-soluble vitamins, acids, carotenoids, pigments (chlorophyll, anthocyanins), glycosides, etc.

Olive oil, being a natural product, and since it comes from olive pressing, retains its biological properties, including its vitamins and antioxidants and its trace and constituents.

The composition of olive oil in fat acids makes it advantageous to other fats. Its content in oleic acid is considered by many researchers to be the optimum.

These fats are the most concentrated source of energy for humans compared to the other two categories of food: proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins and carbohydrates are used by the body for two purposes, in order to provide energy and as a structural material for the composition of protoplasm. When there is an excess of protein and carbohydrates, they are converted into fats that are added to the energy reserves of the body.

In contrast, fats are only used as an energy source. Despite the fact that fat is only an energy source, it also collects huge interest in terms of rational nutrition and proper functioning of the body.

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