Olive oil Use

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Olive oil can be used instead of fat in the majority of recipes while it is a far healthier product.

Virgin and extra virgin olive oil can be used uncooked in salads as well as in dips. In Greece, extra virgin and virgin olive oil is used for cooking too.

 Olive oil is the best oil for cooking (grilling, stir frying, deep frying, broiling, baking etc.) because it withstands longer at high temperatures than the other vegetable oils.

In cooking / frying, the oil remains stable due to its antioxidants at high temperatures. It withstands longer at high temperatures than seed oils (200 instead of 170 Celsius degrees).

Though olive oil is blamed that after 2-3 uses, it gives off a slight odor, this is not a defect, but a proof of its naturalness. The dark color of olive oil comes from the "firing" of its pigments.

In the so-called "oily" foods, the less the quantity-of olive oil- used and the lower the temperature set , the greater are the benefits for our health. Frying -temperature below 170 degrees Celsius with extra virgin olive oil, short cooking / frying time and its replacement after each frying have a beneficial effect on food (for example vegetables prepared in this way, increase their level of antioxidants and skoulenio). After 10 fryings, the beneficial oleic acid (of olive oil) is converted into trans fat and becomes harmful to our health by increasing oxidation. In seed oils, on the contrast, the same polar constituents, are formed at the very first frying. The best and healthiest way to cook our food is to add olive oil at the end of cooking time. This way not only do the the valuable constituents of olive oil not alter but also the taste of the food is lighter without losing any of its taste.

Health & Beauty

Virgin olive oil can is used as basic ingredient in many Health and Beauty products (e.g. for skin, hair, body, nail etc.)


Lower quality olive oil (refined olive oil, pomace olive oil) is used as basic ingredient in cleaning products.


Lower quality olive oil (refined olive oil, pomace olive oil) is also used for lubrication purposes. 

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