Olive oil History

Olive Oil HistoryThe use of olive oil is lost in the mists of time. Even from the Neolithic Age it seems that along with various fruit trees, the fruits of wild olive were also collected.  

 In fact from this period we have the oldest yet samples of olive pollen (Crete, Boeotia).

The beginning of olive cultivation is usually placed in the third millennium BC. Perhaps it was preceded by Crete. Both Crete and mainland Greece from the 14th and 13th century BC give us evidence about the olive and the olive oil. In several settlements intact olive pomace, forming food remains, was found.

In addition, small quantities of olives were found inside vessels. Typical is the case of the palace of Zakros in eastern Crete, where olive groves found in a water tank still maintained their flesh thanks to the favorable conservation.

In Minoan times olive oil was a basic nutrition element and kept in large stoneware jars. This dietary tradition has been inherited from generation to generation, so that today Greeks consume roughly the same products that were consumed by their ancestors 5,000 years ago.

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