Olive oil & Greece

Olive Oil tree in frond of an ancient monumentThe Greek table olive oil varieties have great nutritional value, rich in antioxidants and thus considered of the best in the world. Both their flavor and their quality contribute in this, mainly due to the particular soil and climatic conditions of Greece.

Olive oil is one of the most basic and important agricultural products of Greece and as shown on the below aggregates 170,000,000 olive trees in traditional and modern olive yards across the country, more than 400,000 tons of output.

• holds the third place in olive oil production in the world
• covers 16% of global olive oil production
• 80% of Greek olive oil belongs to the top quality extra virgin, i.e. .acidity by 0.8% and ranks Greece in the first place among the countries producing extra virgin olive oil

The Greek virgin olive oil provides superior quality, flavor and taste compared to the corresponding Italian and Spanish olive oil. Nowadays it is common practice for the Italians and the Spanish to buy the Greek virgin olive oil and mix it with their own oil as an attempt to improve it in quality and taste.

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