Cretan Olive oil

Creta IslandCretan olive oil average annual production is 200,000 tons or half of Greeceʼs olive oil production.

Cretan olive trees diversity is Koroneiki resulting in the highest quality olive oil.

The cultivation of olive trees has remained relatively unaltered for the last two centuries in the way that the Cretan farmers do not use artificial methods (fertilizers and/or chemicals) in order to obtain larger harvests. This practice contributes in the superior quality, flavor and aroma of the Cretan olive oil.

In Crete the sunshine percentage is almost 82%, the temperature is mild and the atmospheric dampness is low. In summer time the maximum temperatures are moderate while there are no glaciers during olives maturation period. The unique Cretan autumn sunshine percentage offers the maximum in olive quality.

The characteristic hilly land morphology of Crete greatly contributes to the efficiency of olive trees exposure to the sun. In addition, Cretan landʼs soil is rich in Potassium and Phosphor providing very rare quality features in Cretan olive oil.

Special thanks to the painter Constantinos Rammos for the disposal of his paintings!